Benemec Carbon has been in the market since 1997 and in 2007 starts the manufacturing and selling of carbon-based products, as Cold and Hot Ramming Paste, Electrode Paste and Carbon Blocks, with quality followed by R&D Carbon (Switzerland) and Sintef (Norway), having prompt approval from the majors aluminum smelters and ferro alloys, internationally.

With certification ISO 9001:2008, Benemec Carbon is continually looking to improve its processes to satisfy the needs of its clients, with the application of rigorous quality standards. The company provides pre and post-sale technical support, as well as helping to customise the product to the client’s needs (Electrode Paste and Cold and Hot Ramming Paste).



The Cold Ramming Paste RP-EF (low PAH) is produced by electrically calcined anthracite and cold binder. It may be used in the aluminum industry and in the ferro alloys furnaces, pots and ladles besides other applications.

In respect of existing international environmental standards, Benemec Carbon is a pioneer in Brazil in the development of Cold Ramming Paste with low content of PAH (polyaromatic hydrocarbonates), resulting in the significant reduction in concentration of components like benzo [a] pyrene, which protects the health of the worker and reduces harmful impact on the environment.

Types of packaging: big bags of 500kg, 1000kg, or bags of 25kg.
Technical specifications: on request.


The Cold Ramming Pastes CleO2 and NeO2 are 100% clean and green. They do not contain any toxic compound, are free from PaH, can be recycled as an industrial safe product and provide a safe work environment for the users. They have a large temperature window for densification (10 – 50 ºC)

Benemec Carbon is licensed by Carbon Savoie as a production plataform of these flagship products.

Types of packaging: big bags of 500kg, 1000kg, or bags of 25kg.
Technical specifications: on request.


The Hot Ramming Paste is produced by electrically calcined anthracite and coal tar pitch. It may be used in the ferroalloy furnaces, pots and ladles besides other applications. This product requires pre-heating before application.

Type of packaging: large bags of 500kg or 1000kg.
Technical specifications: on request.


We produce three types of blocks of carbon: Amorphous, Semi-graphitic, and graphitic for side walls application on aluminium smelters, besides amongst other application in the ferroalloy industry.

Benemec S – Amorphous Carbon Blockl produced with electrically calcined anthracite and coal tar pitch.
Benemec S30 – Semi- graphitic Carbon Block produced with electrically calcined anthracite, coal tar pitch and addition of 30% of graphite.
Benemec S100 – Graphitic Carbon Block produced with 100% graphite and coal tar pitch.

Type of packaging: wooden box
Technical Specifications: on request.
Obs.: the tolerances of dimensions in the cut of the blocks are of +/- 3mm.


Electrode paste is commonly used in the manufacture of electrodes in electric furnaces used to produce ferroalloys and silicon metal.

The Electrode Paste Benemec EP-LA based on high-purity anthracite and coal tar picht is made in a form of briquettes, prismatic blocks or cyclinders.

The Electrode Paste produced with petroleum coke is available under consult.

Types of packaging: Big bags, in blulk or in blocks.
Technical Specifications: on request.


  • Electrically Calcined Anthracite (ECA)
  • Gas Calcined Anthracite (GCA)
  • Calcined Petroleum Coke
  • Granulated Graphite

Type of packaging: large bags of 500kg or 1000kg.

Technical Specifications: on request.


All parts of our production are closely monitored and to the highest standards:

  • Each step of the production process is tracked, from the raw material selection, weighing, measuring, mixing, cooking, final product checking and delivery.
  • Automatized processing guarantees the best quality and so ensures customers satisfaction.
  • Well-equipped Laboratory Installations.
  • Periodic Quality Reports are made from the majors international laboratories in the area of Carbon Technologies (SINTEF, R&D CARBON), besides technical reports from our principle customers.
  • International approval for themajorse aluminium and ferroalloy industries.
  • Worldwide technical support for the application of our products in the clients’ site.


ISO 9001:2008 – Certification of compliance: DNV (Det Norske Veritas).



Reinforcing its commitment to being the leading provider of sustainable carbon and graphite solutions, Carbone Savoie has launch initiatives that explore new and low-carbon business models.
Inspired by this ambition, Carbone Savoie and Benemec Carbon enter into a technical and commercial partnership for producing and developing the sales of the Carbone Savoie’s clean ramming pastes in Brazil.
The combination of the Carbone Savoie’s expertise and innovation capacity and the Benemec‘s assets quality and technical know-how could make it possible to create a new and additional production platform for our flagship products: NeO² and CleO². These ramming pastes are free from PaH and any toxic compounds, they provide a safe work environment for the users.

“Joining our forces with Benemec opens up exciting perspectives for accelerating the footprint of Carbone Savoie know-how in enhancing HSE standards in our aluminium industry,” explains Matthieu Casasole, Sales & Marketing Director at Carbone Savoie.

“We’re very proud to be working with Carbone Savoie. Benemec is ready to set the standard in Brazil and beyond driven with Carbone Savoie support. This represents a clear performance breakthrough for the development of the future range of our brands.” says Carlos Nocetti CEO at Benemec.

Carbone Savoie, a French company founded in 1897, is a world leader in cathodic solutions for the Primary Aluminum Industry. Carbone Savoie supplies a full range of high quality products and offers valuables services in all corners of the world. The clean ramming paste NeO² and CleO² have been adopted by all major aluminium producers and their use have been expanded worldwide.

Created in 1997, Benemec Carbon is a Brazilian’s Electrode Paste, Ramming Paste, & Sidewall Producer for Aluminum Smelters and FerroAlloys.


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